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Executive Search

    Partridge Associates, Inc. is organized to assist in the recruitment and selection of personnel for field and corporate positions. When changes in a business environment create a need for managers, most hospitality organizations satisfy their needs from within their own ranks. When staffing from within is not possible, Partridge Associates offers an alternative solution. An effective management search is conducted by those who appreciate the requirements and demands of the industry. Our staff has the expertise of coupling clients with qualified applicants. We offer the advantages of objectivity, independence, sensitivity and creativity in your search for competent professionals.


    At times a company is reluctant to make public its efforts to make strategy changes in its management team. Individuals are often equally reluctant to compromise their current position by exploring new opportunities. Partridge Associates can preserve essential confidentiality through the delicate process of matching client requests with talented mangers.


    Partridge Associates can fill an important position with speed and expertise. Finding new managers can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our company will search out and present qualified candidates - saving your organization both time and money.

Search Activity

    Candidate search activities range from recruiting hotel middle managers to corporate directors positions. Our staff understands the hospitality industry and will take the time to insure that we understand your requirements. In this way, the candidates presented match your company's objectives.


    Our proven search sequence begins with discussions with key personnel in your organization. Together we establish specific candidate and position requirements, develop objective standards of performance, and identify personal qualities which will be critical to a candidates selection. A search strategy is formulated and pursued. From our network, a list of carefully screened applicants are compiled and submitted for initial approval. Our staff schedules interviews, checks references, and handles any negotiations. By serving as an intermediary, we can often work out details which have significant bearing on the final acceptance of an offer. Partridge Associates has the expertise and resources to meet your hospitality needs.